Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day of School: The Reality of Homeschooling

"First day of school! First day of school!" I can't think of the first day of school without thinking of Finding Nemo. Cole went through a phase when he was 2 that he begged for that movie everyday. The first scene scared him so we always started it with Nemo singing, "First day of school!" But I obviously digress.

We started back at The Huddleston Academy, or whatever we are calling it this year, today. It was a good first day all-in-all though definitely trying at times. Getting back into a routine is always easier on paper than in reality.

As we were finishing up this afternoon and I was checking things off that we did, I began wondering what school really looks like at the homes of other homeschoolers. Before I actually began homeschooling, the picture in mind was way off. I had this picture of me reading stacks of wonderful books, the boys engaged asking challenging questions, and begging for more. Of course, this was going in a clean home with the boys helping me cook in the kitchen. I know I'm a dreamer.

In reality, we do have stacks of wonderful books, but I have one child who begs for more, another who declares "he hates school" at least once a week, and a little one who wants nothing to do with any of it unless it's time for his "wetters" (aka ABCs). There are sometimes tears (occasionally by me). Some days we get everything on our list done, but more often than not, something gets left out. The house is sometimes clean, the laundry basket is rarely empty, and some days we order take-out for dinner.

While it's not the ideal dream that I had in mind years ago, there are those beautiful moments that I would never trade. I remember the week reading clicked with Cole. It had been such a struggle for both of us and, then, he got it. I still remember him reading a book to me that week and hugging me so tight afterward. Or watching all three of them re-enact together one of our literature books. Then, this morning, Jason reviewed what parts of the Old Testament they studied last year. I was amazed at what Cole and Connor have retained and love hearing their versions that are in light of their unquestioning faith. In truth, homeschooling isn't easy but has been a huge blessing in our lives in many ways. I am so thankful that God led us to this path for our family.

Oh and one last thing from today, Cole informed me when we started math that he completely forgot how to subtract and he just wants to add this year. It was only an 8-week break and math has been his strongest subject. This is one of the many excuses I will hear this week. ;)


  1. God bless you, Hope---and all the homeschooling mommies out there! I can't imagine all you girls do!

  2. So exciting! I used to have that picture-perfect image of Homeschool Heaven in my head too...then I homeschooled. What a crock that was! LOL We're starting back the day after Labor Day, after our 7-week break. Any new books and things you've discovered that you care to share?

  3. Your boys are adorable! The "wetters" comment is priceless.