Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tri-State Fair


Last night we went to the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo and had a blast. We walked around checking things out.  Then, we went to the petting zoo where the boys got to feed deer, sheep, goats, and llamas. Caleb was a little scared at first, but ended up petting some animals.  Here's Connor feeding some.

I forgot how expensive things get at the fair. The boys kept wanting to play the carnival games, but that is  simply throwing money away.  Still, we let them pick a couple to play.  Cole won a stuffed banana and Connor won an amazingly, annoying toy trumpet that all three of them love.  





After the games, we told them they could pick a ride.  There were all kinds, but they picked this goofy little canoe ride.  I admit it was cute though.  They all three fit in one canoe.  I think they just liked getting a little wet.


After the ride, we had to get some fair food.  We shared a huge corn dog, a turkey leg, and fried potatoes.  It was all very good, but messy and greasy.  We then headed to the livestock area and the boys got to see chickens, pigs, goats, and cows.  Connor thought the chickens were hilarious.  He was cracking up.  As we were leaving, we promised cotton candy or as Cole calls it "cotton ball candy."  Caleb was very unsure of this and just held it in his hand for awhile, but loved it once he finally realized it was sweet.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of this, but I forgot.  This last picture is my favorite of the night.

Busyness and updates

Well, I keep thinking I'll have a day to get caught up but that day hasn't come as the days only seem to get busier and busier.  This summer was the busiest we've ever had with my trip to China, VBS, Houston Project (Youth Camp), visiting friends and family, summer visitors, and then Cole starting kindergarten.  Now September is here and Jason is back in school taking some online classes for his Seminary degree and it's a whole different level of crazy for our family.  Soccer has started back as have all church activities.  I am loving that fall is quickly approaching though.  There were pumpkins at the grocery store today and the there are a few days where the high temps are only supposed to be in the 60s. 

Cole is loving school though getting up every morning has been a challenge. He is attending the kindergarten program at our church which is 8-12 Monday through Friday.  I've really missed him every though he is only gone for a few hours each day.  Many people have asked what are plans are next year as we've talked about homeschooling or him going to all day kindergarten at public school.  Right now, I truly believe God is calling us to homeschooling.  The more I read about it, the more I am impressed and encouraged to do so.  I prayed that God would put other homeschooling families in my path and I've met several these past few months which has been a huge encouragement.  For those who haven't seen these yet, here are some pictures of Cole on his first day of school.

IMG_0245 copy

IMG_0252 copy

Connor started preschool last week.  He goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12.  He is in the Star Class (also at our church) and he thinks he's big stuff.  Here he is on his first day of school,


Caleb is the biggest and littlest stinker still. He is my clingy one and is extra clingy these days he is either right next to me or hanging on me most of the time.  This has become exhausting, but he's so darn cute which helps immensely when I want to scream "please stop touching me for just a few minutes child." I know he will grow out of this so I'm trying to remind myself to enjoy the extra holding and cuddling. :)  Here is a picture of him on Connor's first day of school. He didn't want to be left out.


Well, that's a little update on us.  I've got some other pictures to share in another post.