Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Little Valentine is 5

Connor turned five years old today. I truly cannot believe our little Valentine is that old. He is still the sweetest boy I know (yes, I have two other boys, but Connor is just plain sweet and the other two can be known for something else ;0) ). These days he is into reading more than anything else. He reads everything and if he can't, he starts asking me what it says but I am only allowed to read the "really big words" and he'll get the rest. His favorite foods are a surprise to almost everyone. He loves broccoli, spinach, salad, and just about all the veggies mommy makes. Of course, cheese still tops the list though. Don't get me wrong, he loves a cupcake or piece of candy, but only one a day for him. The dentist told him once to limit sugary things to one a day and our little rule-follower gets very concerned on days like today (which happen to be Valentine's Day AND his birthday) where multiple sweets were offered to him. That's our Connor James.

I told him I wanted to take some photos are our new 5 year old today and I thought I'd share a few.


  1. Happy Birthday Connor! Good thing he's learning those good habits now. Less you have to "beat" out of him later! Ha!

  2. He is adorable. Connor is quite the little man.

    I had to laugh, I didn't realize we both ended up with a Caleb. How funny.